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adidas Residency

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Expanding our dedication to art, culture, creativity, and the world of digital innovation, the adidas /// Studio proudly introduces 'RESIDENCY by adidas'. RESIDENCY marks our debut Web3-powered digital artist in residency program, poised to welcome a diverse array of digital artists hailing from across the globe. This presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase artists and engage in collaborative co-creation, spanning both the digital and physical realms.


adidas /// Studio is excited to introduce MONKEEMOTO and DearNostalgia. Hand selected by the studio, this dynamic duo brings a wonderfully diverse fusion of creative perspectives, embodying the essence of the brand's inaugural RESIDENCY. With the artists' freshly crafted pieces, RESIDENCY kicks off with adidas' premiere Limited Edition and Open Edition NFT art sale.

Artwork by DearNostalgia

Lebanese artist Adra Kandil embodies a hybrid world of alternate realities, using photography, collages, typography, and digital montages to blend modern-day truths with the romanticism of collective nostalgia.


Residing in the vibrant cityscape of Tokyo, the artist known as MOTO (MONKEEMOTO), boasts a skill set spanning digital artistry, web3 game development, and concept design. Their visionary expertise aims to reshape digital landscapes, leaving an unforgettable mark on the creative, gaming and digital fashion industries.


New artworksPrevious artworks
Soles / Souls / Seoul
Soles / Souls / Seoul by DearNostalgia
Open edition0.03 ETH
By DearNostalgia
adidas x Monkeemoto — Creatives
Open edition0.03 ETH
Soul Searching /// Youth is Your Privilege
Soul Searching /// Youth is Your Privilege by DearNostalgia
Limited edition0.15 ETH
By DearNostalgia
adidas x Monkeemoto — Hype
Limited edition0.15 ETH
The Gateway at Korea Blockhain Week

7-8 September 2023, Seoul, KoreaThe Gateway

To ignite the RESIDENCY launch, we've teamed up with NFT Now for The Gateway's third iteration at Korean Blockchain Week. Brace for an immersive digital art gallery by DearNostalgia and MONKEEMOTO, showcasing their RESIDENCY creations. They'll chat art, web3, and collaboration with the three stripes onstage, alongside adidas /// Studio's Stacey King.

Save the dates: 7-8 September 2023 in Seoul, Korea. ALTS by adidas holders, get your free VIP Tickets now!

Previous Artists

Mike Fogg
Artwork by Mike Fogg

Mike Fogg is a Filipino-Born Art Director and 3D artist. Combining his years of experience as an Art Director ideating campaigns for some of the most recognizable global brands, Mike’s art has now captured the imagination of the world with his pieces finding an intersection between sports, fashion, culture, and technology. With extensive experience in broadcast, digital, and integrated campaigns, Mike has quickly become a highly sought-after visual innovator for brands looking to carve out their voice in web3.

Kai "RAWS" Imhof

Kai “Raws” Imhof is a young, internationally established artist based in Berlin, who deals with the abstraction of urban aesthetic elements, digitalisation and social challenges through combining his past as a graffiti artist with the influences of modern graphic design and contemporary art.

Frequently-Asked Questions

RESIDENCY by adidas is the /// studio's new digital artist in residency program. The program aims to unite the realms of art, creative expression and identity that are central to the adidas ethos in Web3, and commitment to foster creativity and innovation within the Community. RESIDENCY represents a pivotal moment where the /// Studio will reveal a new collaboration and creative pathway for digital artists to further connect with the brand and their passionate Community of collectors and connoisseurs.

How much will the artwork cost?

The Limited Edition consists of 100 pieces per artist and includes an exclusive hoodie available only for those at the launch event in South Korea. This unique package will be offered at a price of 0.15 ETH. Meanwhile, the Open Edition will be priced at 0.03 ETH.

When will the artwork be available for purchase?

Both editions will be available for purchase starting from Wednesday, September 6th at 9pm Korean Standard Time (2pm CET). The Limited Edition sales for both artists will conclude either at the sell-out of 100 NFTs or on September 8th at 8pm Korean Standard Time (1pm CET), while the Open Edition will close on September 11th at 7am Korean Standard Time (September 10th 12am CET). Those in attendance at adidas’ activation during Korean Blockchain Week, can also pick up a limited edition adidas hoodie, with the /// Studio’s iconic sideways trefoil, to accompany the Limited Edition NFT.

How do I purchase the artwork?

Both editions of artwork can be purchased via Manifold. Manifold allows for purchases with either Ethereum or Credit Card. The Limited Editions will only be available for those attending the launch event at The Gateway in Seoul. The Open Edition is available to everyone. You can find the link for DearNostaglia here and MONKEEMOTO here.

When and where is the launch event?

The launch event will feature an immersive digital art exhibition at NFT Now’s The Gateway event hosted in Seoul during Korean Blockchain Week from 7-8 September 2023.

How can I get a ticket?

Tickets to the event are free and can be claimed here. Or if you’re a holder of an ALTS by adidas NFT, you can register for a free VIP ticket. VIP Tickets will give holders access to the VIP opening event on September 6th as well as entry to the 2-day Gateway event on the 7 and 8 September 2023.